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APPROVED! Chase Chase Chase (and now AMEX)


Re: APPROVED! Chase Chase Chase (and now AMEX)



I am new here as well but one thing I wanted to share with you about "Chase" is if you are truly interested in the CLI contact the reconsideration line!!! It works wonders you will be amazed by the service and you are likely to get that increase with them. I myself have used their reconsideration line and have been amazed with their wonders!!!! The key is to inform the credit analyst that yes you are aware of the denial of the CLI but "You are wondering since you are a customer of Chase if by chance they would reconsider the CLI and assist you" Also be very nice to the credit analyst at all costs, and remember to remind them that you are a customer. One last thing when you are asked what limit you would like just say "Whatever you all can approve me for" Good luck Smiley Happy



Love your credit...use it wisely- Remember it serves a wonderful purpose!
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