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AT&T Promotion VISA - I am Ranting

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Re: AT&T Promotion VISA - I am Ranting

Welcome to the forums, elinera!

Anybody who doesn't want their card can send it to me! I like money, tangible cash or intangible balances on cards, it don't make me no never mind! So y'all all can send 'em right over to me. Happy to oblige!

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Re: AT&T Promotion VISA - I am Ranting

There are bigger things in life to worry about.  $50 bucks is $50 bucks, who cares if it is on a prepaid card.   It's hardly worth worrying about, imo.  Just use it.
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Re: AT&T Promotion VISA - I am Ranting

There are a number of stores (Target and Toys R Us and others I'm sure) that will allow you to make purchases across multiple cards. That's what I would do with them. But I do understand the frustration.
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Re: AT&T Promotion VISA - I am Ranting

I have to agree that these are frustrating.  The biggest issue I have with the cards is the expiration date tends to be rather short.  My solution (may not appeal to all) is to buy Amazon gift certificates for myself.  Once I apply these to my Amazon account they never expire and I clear out the total amount on the card.  Personally this works for me as I tend to buy enough from Amazon and that GC balance does not last that long in the account.


A couple of notes when doing this through Amazon.  If you try and buy a larger gift certificate, they will check the validity of the card by hitting it with a temporary authorization for $1 which will then make it impossible to get a GC for the entire amount of the card.  There are two solutions for this.  One is to only purchase $5 GCs and buy enough to use up the entire balance.  They will not do the $1 temporary hold for $5 GCs.  The other option which take a bit more time is to purchase a GC which is $5 less than the balance on the card.  Then you will need to wait for the hold to clear to use the last $5 on the card.  Amazon has a minimum of $5.  Also, I am making the assumption that you are using email GC which has no shipping charge.


I get more and more of these "rebate" cards which I can only guess is a benefit to the company giving these.  Apparently a lot of them never get used while the older check method was usually cashed.  I know AT&T was hit for the short expiration of their cards and had to send out compensation cards to some customers (I was one).

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