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AU Reporting Citi, Discover, Chase

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AU Reporting Citi, Discover, Chase

Firstly, sorry for any type-o's as I'm on my iPhone and I'm not sure if this is in the right folder.

A few months ago I applied for a few new cards, and in the process, I added my wife as an AU to boost her score and give her some sort of revolving credit seeing as how we both have an installment (auto) loan reporting in both of our reports.

However, she has yet to have any of these cards report on her reports. She is an AU on y Chase Freedom, DiscoverIT, and Citi Simplicity cards.

Any idea why none of these are reporting to her reports? I did put in her SSN and everything during the application process, just unsure why their not reporting.

Any advice is helpful. 😉
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Re: AU Reporting Citi, Discover, Chase

Kind of interesting, my gf is an AU on one of my Chase cards, and I can't remember if I took her SSN. But it does not report on hers either. 

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Re: AU Reporting Citi, Discover, Chase

I added my wife to my Discover IT card (just over a month old) and CK is reporting 3 cards for her, the 2 she has and mine. Discover asked if the AU was my wife and didn't ask for SSN. She also has a Discover Student from 2 months ago.

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Re: AU Reporting Citi, Discover, Chase

I have had to put my wife on AU for Citi Hhonors Reserve/CSP.  They did not take the SSN so I assume they are not reporting.  AMEX is the only card that I have put a SSN into.

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