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AU,joint account or individual account scoring ?

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AU,joint account or individual account scoring ?

I guess I was wishfull thinking about my scores going up in a few months the more reading I do seems like 18 months is more realistic. I am a AU on girlfriends account. I am looking to get a home depot credit card and a Fidelity card also (which is at my bank) She is willing to get the cards for me and make me AU on them. Which will help my credit more being a AU on the cards or having a joint account? is there a difference on scoring between the 2? The reason im asking is I have a small bussiness thats been running for 15 years but the last 2 its very hard to keep busy and have to work for much less sometimes to keep working. A short term credit line would be a big help with cash flow

thanks again

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Re: AU,joint account or individual account scoring ?

You will reap the same benefits on your CS as the primary user provided the cards remain in good standing. Likewise, if your girlfriend gets in trouble and has lates or a high utilization, your CR will be negatively affected. If she takes you off as an AU, the whole card will disappear on your CR. BUT, deleting you as an AU after a long time could negatively effect your CS by decreasing your AAoA.

Years ago, I couldn't get any credit. My husband made me AU on all of his cards and I managed them. It increased my score significantly. Now I can get my own, but one of the feedbacks on my CR was that I didn't have enough of my own credit....weird, so I went out and got my own Citi and Amex cards. Ibet the next remark will be I have too many accounts!

Hoped that helped...good luck!

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