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AU on DH's Cabela's or wait to apply myself

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AU on DH's Cabela's or wait to apply myself

DH has Cabela's with $5,000 cl.  I am hoping to apply with them when my BK is properly aged (BK is not reporting on DH's EQ) and I have my silly goofy student loan reporting correctly (taking the patience of a saint to get that account corrected).  My EQ is at 701, DH's is at 798.  No baddies on DH's, only baddie on mine is Ch 13 BK 05 - discharged 2/09. (plus, of course, the student loan that will hopefully be corrected soon).


I only have one card (Orchard) with $500 cl. 


1--Am I better off AU on DH's account?  Can that in any way hurt him? 

2--Or should I wait it out until my CR is looking better and then apply myself?

3--Will being an AU now help out when I do apply later?

4--How old does my discharge need to be before applying makes sense?



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