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About fell out of my seat with cap 1

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Re: About fell out of my seat with cap 1

That is awesome, I've had the same card for, will be 1 year next month 750CL, If Cap1 does not show me some love very soon I will be closing the acct. I have no use for a 750CL an AF and high APR (never carry a balance so APR don't really matter) actually I have stopped using my Cap1 card, I've called them and told them that I have other CC's with 16,000CL 6000CL, 5000CL, AmEx Gold NPSL etc etc....and if they  (Cap1) can not do something for me, to keep me as a customer, I will be closing both my Cap1 accts.


But again Congratulations to you for the awesome CLI.

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