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Accidental 30+dpd small late payment with Citi - advice appreciated

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Accidental 30+dpd small late payment with Citi - advice appreciated

Hi there, long time lurker here, posted previously many years ago under different screen name, but can't find it...


Anyways, long story short - relatively short (~5 years), but close to perfect credit history here with both myself and my wife, scores around 770-790 for the last year, not a single baddie, huge limits, healthy <10% overall util, almost no recent HPs etc. etc. etc.


...And here it comes this dumb me and that stupid cellphone carrier with auto-pay on a Citi card I haven't used in months (but that I somehow stored in my profile). Carrier hits my card with a single charge of ~$5 more than 2 months ago that I absolutely not realize at that moment. Fast forward months - I don't even open e-mails or check statements from Citi (yes, dumb-dumb-dumb all way, I know, lesson learned...), until 3 days ago I get a robocall from Citi asking to call them to discuss an account status. Next thing I do - I log into my online banking and have this OMG **bleep** moment. Of course, I immediately pay that $6 or so ($5 + two minimum interest charges of $0.50 each) and set an autopay from my checking acct for a minimum amount, then call Citi immediately. 


A CSR basically tells me that currently Citi doesn't have anything against me, they value me as a customer blah-blah-blah and they didn't even charge me a late fee for such a small missed payment, only small interest charge. Even though they can't say if this would go into my credit report as they don't have this kind of information. "The only thing we see is that now your account is current and in good standing". 


I logged into my CK and CS and they both show this account as Current, No missed payments and last reported just 3 days ago (so already at the time I was technically 30+dpd)...


So... do you think I should finally stop shaking in fear as Citi gave me a generous free pass this time round, or am I still under fire and a Late payment can hit my reports later? Is there anything I should do now to mitigate potential impact (= prevent Citi from reporting this at all), or should I actually stay low and not yell about this late payment at every corner lol?


Thanks! I really feel stupid as I finally came very close to applying for my first mortgage soon and having any issues with it over $6 is definitely not something I'd want to experience :-(

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Re: Accidental 30+dpd small late payment with Citi - advice appreciated

I know that certain Citi cards actually give you a missed payment opportunity where it doesnt affect you as how they say it, life happens. I think, though maybe mistaken, that i have this on my DC. I think with your profile and it being auch a,dmall amount you will be ok. You dodged a bullet and can now call yourself NeoSmiley Happy. Lessons learned indeed. Always keep an eye out on even your accounts that you arent using because if something happens, its better to catch earlierSmiley Happy
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Re: Accidental 30+dpd small late payment with Citi - advice appreciated

OP, thanks for sharing, and hopefully nothing dings your reports. I don't have any specifics for the situation.


A superstitious person such as myself would begin to use the card for a while, just to try to appease the credit gods. You may have gotten a good benefit, and rewarding Citi with some business might improve your karma now. Or not Smiley Happy

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Re: Accidental 30+dpd small late payment with Citi - advice appreciated

I agree with that I would throw a charge or two their way
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