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Account closed during Credit Counseling....

Epic Contributor

Account closed during Credit Counseling....

Account was with Wamu and now credit counseling has been cancelled and payments made on own.

Anyone had any luck getting an account re-opened especially now since it's with Chase?? 

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Re: Account closed during Credit Counseling....

Just read your post and actually I'm in the same boat. I did credit counseling for a few years and cancelled it last year. My original card was Providian, which became Wamu. Original balance was about $5100 on a $4214 cl. Balance is now at $2777. No late or missed payments in about 3 years. Anyway, whenever I would log into my Wamu online, it would say credit line $4214, balance whatever, available credit $0. Today after reading your post, I decided to log onto my Wamu site to check on my account. I was redirected to the new Chase site where I had to accept all these terms of service things to be able to access my "closed account". After agreeing to all the tos's, my account came up. The credit limit was there ($4214), balance was there ($2777) but surprisingly all of a sudden credit available shows $1437!! It even says that cash advance balance is 0, and that there is $1437 available for cash advances. Not sure if this is an error or what, but maybe there's hope? I have my old card but it's expired. I found a replacement card link  but when I pressed it, I got a service not available message. I'm really curious but I'm just going to leave it alone for another month and see what happens!



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