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Advice: Multiple Apps

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Advice: Multiple Apps

Today I applied for a Chase Freedom card and got approved with a $5k CL.  This is the only inquiry I have had since about a year and a half ago.  I am also interested in applying for the Discover More card.  Should I do that now or wait a few months.  I don't know if Discover will see I have a recent inquiry or my other cards see I have multiple inquiries within a few days of each other and send a red flag up.  Any advice?  Thanks!

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Re: Advice: Multiple Apps

I would do it now.....


Go for the Prime Cards Chase, Discover, CITI before you hit any store cards, like BB, Macys, Dillards, Amazon, etc.....



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Re: Advice: Multiple Apps

If it were me I would definitely apply for it now.

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Re: Advice: Multiple Apps

No guarantees, of course, but if it was me, I'd apply now.  Smiley Happy



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Re: Advice: Multiple Apps

Thanks. Will give it a shot!
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Re: Advice: Multiple Apps

I'd definately say it's worth trying now...


If they try and bug you about too many recent inq, just recon.


I applied for mine back in December after applying for my Citi Forward (approved 2300), Amex Blue Cash (Declined) and USAA CLI (Declined).


They gave me too many inq, but one phone call for recon and it was approved in all of 5 minutes.


My credit has improved quite a bit now, just got approved for Amex Blue Cash Preferred and Gold Preferred and got a CLI on the Forward.

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Re: Advice: Multiple Apps

Personally I would stay away from Discover. They are too conservative. I would go with BOA 

if you are looking for a decent limit. I apped with them with a 740 TU and they gave me $2500 with 

17.9% APR with 2 inq in the last year. My AAoA is about 4.5 years. Clean history. Lots of student loans.

My highest limit was $4k at the time. Just an FYI.


I would app now, but would go with BOA, their Amex Rewards is a pretty solid card, I hate Amex bank 

so I go through them for an Amex. Started with $2500 and 30 days later they increased to $4000. APR is 12.9%

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Re: Advice: Multiple Apps

Personally I would wait.  We've read here repeatedly what banks like Barclay would do here.  You could create the impression--at least to Discover--that you need a lot of credit in a hurry (more than any one lender is offering you.)

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Re: Advice: Multiple Apps

I forgot to mention that my revolving credit utilization is under 4%. Now I'm hesitant. I guess I could try and if they reject, just wait until next year. Decisions decisions decisions...
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Re: Advice: Multiple Apps



Today I applied for the PSECU VISA/PLS and was approved for $20k, then I went and applied for the Discover, instant approval of $3500. 


After reading this thread I am a bit scared they'll lower the limit if they do a soft pull before sending the card, would that happen?  Has anyone applied for other cards as well as a Discover and had any issues?





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