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Advice Needed on closing AMEX GOLD

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Re: Advice Needed on closing AMEX GOLD

Since you mainly have a cash back setup going, I'd recommend cashing out your MR points to cash or gift cards (better value). You could get an Everyday card but sounds like you might not want to overoptimize MR points to get more than 1cpp in value. I'd take the easy route and say farewell to MR. 

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Re: Advice Needed on closing AMEX GOLD

@Wavester64 wrote:



>>I'm thinking of closing it before the AF comes up in January<<


Isn't the rule of thumb to let the AF hit and THEN close the card so they give you the reimbursement?

Yes, people usually have better odds of receiving a retention offer after the AF has posted to the statement.  Once that happens, the cardholder has 30 days to close the account and the fee is removed.  It really sounds like MRs are not ideal for the OP, so I would suggest just cashing out the MRs to gift cards from one or more of the companies that are $0.01 per point.  83,500 MRs could still buy one $500, three $100, and one $35 Home Depot gift cards ($835).

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