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Advice for Future

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Re: Advice for Future

Yea I sent a email to get the ball rolling with a local credit union. If PNC does not work out I'll consider switching my banking. I've been with National City/PNC for almost 10 years now.

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Re: Advice for Future

PaPaBrad wrote:

Thats a good point. I emailed my bank to see what they are looking for.


Also thinking about applying for Walmart and Amazon. I shop quite a bit at amazon but I'd like the Visa cause it can be used anywhere.. Hear that one may be hard to get with a small credit history (6 Months) Reccomendations? 

I would suggest looking at the Citi Forward Student card. It offers 5% on Amazon and restaurants. This offers a great benefit to you for your purchases, and your application may be looked upon more favorably if you are a student. Something to consider.

AMEX BCE $15,500 Citi Double Cash $8,700 USAA $6,000
Chase Freedom $2,500 Discover It $10,600
M & T Visa $2,500 CU Visa $10,000, BOAmericard $7,500
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Re: Advice for Future

Discover Auto'ed me to 750 which was nice. I have my Utilization sitting at sub 9% now.


PNC is a no go a bit more difficult to get in it seems. I'm currently studying abroad in Japan so I don't need credit at the moment. When I return in Jan/Feb I'm interested in getting Amazon and Walmart (Most of my shopping as I attend college)


Is apping for two GE cards at the same time alright? I'll have about 10 months history then. Good odds? No baddies. I'd also like a Visa type credit card if possible. Discover area is pretty good around me but Visa is better. Recommendations?


My inquiries stand at

EX - 3, only one in the last year

EQ - 0 none at all

TU - 9, 4 in the last year (2 are student loan apps)






Thank you for the reccomendation I'll take a look into it.





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