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Advice for Penfed Platinum approval

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Re: Advice for Penfed Platinum approval

@Gmood1 wrote:

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
To be fair Gmood, last time i apped another cc from Penfed i had no debt on my cc's, just on my personal loan, and they still gave me the big Chase FUSmiley Wink Even with 2 years plus history with them. I agree with you closing the accounts wont matter to Penfed. They will either approve you or they wont. Why sacrifice other credit for the sake of one of their cards that quite honestly, can be had elswhere. Just mhoSmiley Wink

I agree, I still have hope you'll get back in with Penfed one day AJC. The next time they give you something..keep the darn thing. Smiley LOL

Be patient and let things fall in place. I'm not exactly patient myself. lol

lol, indeed Gmood1Smiley Wink.  I still need to learn patience .  This journey is one of ups and down  and mistakes will be made. I cant conquer my  loval bank but perhaps Penfed can become my holy grailSmiley Wink 0/24 dilly dillySmiley Happy

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Re: Advice for Penfed Platinum approval

Not sure which USAA card you opened but they aslo have a 5% cashback gas amex card. Its a good card. Capped at $3000 per year though but combined with the 2% for groceries worth $270 per year cash back. Not too shabby if combined with other cash back cards like the PCR. Of course next quarter Discover has the rotating cash back for gas which if you are in year 1 which you are it will get you 10% cash back. So lots of options. The Plat card like others have metioned is not all that great. The points are way more complicated then what they ever should be. Not worth the hassle to me.

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