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Advice on Next Steps

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Re: Advice on Next Steps

Yeah...I'm kinda a geek too!


Never built my own computer though. Upgraded many store bought ones.


Between my wife, myself and my two boys we currently have:


1 Dell Studio XPS

1 HP laptop

1 Kindle Fire

2 Ipod Touches

1 Iphone

1 Android phone

1 Xbox

1 Wii


Plus a bunch of obsolete stuff in the garage.


I just installed another router and had my internet speed turned up to 40 Mps to keep up with it all.


My Dell really doesn't do BF3 too well. Minecraft does great though. That's why I want to build a gaming computer. So I can play BF3!


I currently play BF3 on the Xbox. Is it really as good as I hear on a good gaming computer?

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