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Advice on apping?

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Advice on apping?

I'm looking into applying for a Visa Credit card, mostly to be used as a backup when AMEX or Discover isn't accepted. I'm wondering if it's too soon to apply for another card or if I'll have a good chance of being approved?

-Chase Freedom-1/13-Denied

-Discover It-2/13-$3000

-AMEX BCE-3/13-$2000


I'm interested in the Citi Simplicity Visa or Chase Freedom (if it's worth it to reapply). I heard Citi can be hard on apps and recon is a little stingy. Last time I checked my credit score was about 740 (from the Discover app, don't remember which bureau). 


Thanks everyone Smiley Happy

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Re: Advice on apping?

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Re: Advice on apping?

You were denied a Freedom with above 720? That's odd. You shouldn't just apply for any old Visa, you should decide what kind of rewards you want. Cash, Low APR, Travel, ETC...Citi or Cap One are usually fairly easy to get. With a 740 though, what else on on your CR if you don't mind me asking.


You should probably wait on applying for Freedom again (6-9 months)

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Re: Advice on apping?

I was denied for having a short credit history, I'm 19 years old, been an authorized user for three other credit cards for 4 years and my longest card is a store card from Macy's about a year ago (from now). I called to recon but they said they don't consider an authorized card. 


My two cards are rewards (Discover It, and AMEX BCE) so I'm pretty much set for that. I'm considering the Citi Simplicity because of the no late fee and no penalty rate. It'll mainly be used as a backup so rewards would be low anyways.


Also it's gonna be my last card that I apply for, for a while...

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Re: Advice on apping?

Chase typically wants 12 months of revolving history before they will approve.  

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Re: Advice on apping?

What about Citi? Specifically the Simplicity card?

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Re: Advice on apping?

If you are a student and want a Citi card, I would app for their Forward.
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Re: Advice on apping?

Yell-o wrote:

What about Citi? Specifically the Simplicity card?

It's decent card but if your looking for low interest you need to look into CU's.  Also the barclay Ring is a good option.

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