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Advice on which Amex card to request CLI on


Advice on which Amex card to request CLI on

My 181 days is coming up soon, and originally I only had one Amex card (Blue Cash) which has a limit of 40K.  Since then I've acquired the Delta Platinum 10k SL, SPG 5k SL, and Everyday Preffered SL 5k.  I use my EDP most for the MR's, and originally was going to request a 3X for that card, however I read somewhere here on the forums that it is more wise to request a CLI on a higher limit card.  So, to minimize risk, should I be applying for a CLI on my Delta card and relocating the limits later?  Since my last CLI, my FICO has increased about 30pts.  I do not plan on requesting an increase on my Blue Cash any further.  


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Advice on which Amex card to request CLI on

Yes, go for CLI on the Delta Plat, that way if approved you'll have $30k ,then you can reallocate to the others if needed. A CLI with the other two will not allow that option. 

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