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Affinity FCU Cash Rewards - Q4 Hi5 Bonus Categories

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Re: Affinity FCU Cash Rewards - Q4 Hi5 Bonus Categories

Woohoo!  My Q3 posted on its own!  I guess new members slip through the cracks for the Hi5 bonus on occassion (I know myself and one other MF'r that got their cards in the past 6 months or so that had to notify AFCU about the Q2 bonus not posting).  Due to travel, I maxed my Q3 category spend with hotel/gas/dining, so the full $175 bonus is now sitting in my rewards account.... sweet! Smiley Very Happy


Also to note, the Walmart in store purchases in my DD's college town coded as "supermarket" so it got the 2% base rewards as shown in the account history.

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