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Alliant CC showing up on TU

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Alliant CC showing up on TU

DH has had his Alliant CC since April 09.  Today is the first time it has showed up on TU, and it shows monthly reports since May 09.


Nice to have TU included in the reporting!

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Re: Alliant CC showing up on TU

Just checked my TU cr and my alliant cc is reporting also now, not too happy though my credit score dropped out of the 700 club now cs is at 699 and it is also reporting length of credit history not good, when it was good before this cc started reporting.  I recieved my cc in 7/09 and it is reporting that date.  Hopefully  nonone else experiences this same wrath.

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Re: Alliant CC showing up on TU

Hey, it's reporting on TU for me too!


It's weird, though... it only shows payment history form November of 09, instead of March of 2009. Go figure!


ETA for clarification: The open date is correctly reported as March of 2009, it's just the payment history only shows from 11/09 to present.


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Re: Alliant CC showing up on TU

My Alliant CC is on TransUnion now, too!  It reports from May 2009 which is when I got the card.


Now if I could just get Macy's Visa to report to TU and Nationwide CC to report to EX, life would be simpler.


Oh, and TU is dropping INQs like flies!  I had 10 or so during the past two years and it seems for the past few months they've been dropping off nearly every week and I'm not even a daily puller.  They are also showing a 2,010 year history on one of my CCs.  God bless TU!!!

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Re: Alliant CC showing up on TU

I just now noticed that Alliant reports to TU and wanted to start a topic about this, but here it already is Smiley Happy.


For me, it's good. My Truecredit/Creditkarma FAKOs went up from 768 to 777, because the Alliant cc is my only non-signature cc with a good limit and thus helps with utilization.

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