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Alliant CC

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Re: Alliant CC

I think Alliant was bombarded with applications. When I applied they did 2 hard inquiries and offered me a card with a $1000 limit which I declined...I believe my score was around EQ730 at the oldest trade line was about 10 or 12 years old with no baddies and pretty much a 0 balance on everything.
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Re: Alliant CC

i think they must be..i applied and then spoke with a csrep on the phone...faxed in all the things he asked for....and he told me i was approved for a car loan and a visa card for 15000.....that was two days ago..and still on the web site for alliant it shows my car loan as approved and the cc as pending...(((bites nails)) im worried that something might be going wrong????


or does it sometimes take a bit?


they also did 2 hard inq on my eq report

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