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Alliant Credit Union App Question

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Re: Alliant Credit Union App Question

Smrtshppr43 wrote:

I applied last night too and got the 3-5 day message. I called this mornng and they said they needed the 3 IDs from me. So, I shlepped all the way into the office to fax them. I included a cover letter saying what we are specifically interested in (savings, Roth IRA account and decen limit visa). I asked them to call me to discuss this as soon as possible. I get home and get an email welcoming me. I am still waiting to hear from somebody on my credit questions. I don't want another bureau pull. We have applied for a ridiculous amount of stuff lately and I fear what the score is right now.


If you didn't receive instant approval for their Visa when you applied for membership they will do a 2nd hard inquiry on EQ if you apply for their credit card now. I was told this is true whether you apply for the card online or speak to a LO by phone.

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Re: Alliant Credit Union App Question

wndrwmn78 wrote:

tiffanie wrote:
if you received a welcome email from Alliant, that means they have approved you for the savings/checking acct you applied for. I too applied online and got the 3-5day, and received the welcome package about a week after applying. However, it can take longer if they need more info from you. I hope this helps..


Thank you tiffanie! That helps a lot. Hopefully the welcome package is sitting in my mailbox at home. Smiley Happy

It WAS waiting in my mailbox. Smiley Happy

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Re: Alliant Credit Union App Question

You are so welcome wndrwmn78!! =)
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