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Alliant Credit Union CLI

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Alliant Credit Union CLI

I have a VISA with Alliant that I got last December.  It only has a $500 limit and I'd love to get a CLI.  Has anyone had any experience with Alliant and their CLI process?  Is it a hard inquiry?  Should I wait a little longer to request the CLI?  Do they have a specific timeframe for usage before CLI?


Thanks for your help.

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Re: Alliant Credit Union CLI

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Re: Alliant Credit Union CLI

I applied for an Alliant CC last May and was declined. I reconned and got them to issue me a $500 limit card.


Two months later I called and asked for a CLI. It definately cost me a hard, a Credit Analyst CSR pulled my report and talked about it over the phone. He recommended an increase to 15k but it was approved for 5k instead. My EQ score was about 690 at the time I think.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Alliant Credit Union CLI

i applied and was approved in august 2008.  at the time the credit anaylist told me that i qualified for 10k CL, but cuz i was a new member, i could only get 2.5k.....


he suggested to wait six months and call back of the CLI.  i called a few weeks ago, and was told it would be a hard pull, and if my score dropped to below 700,  that my APR would increase.  and not nessarly get the CLI,  i asked if the CLi would be based on my payment history with them, and they said "NOT REALLY" mainly the score on the new hard pull.... i said NO THANKS....

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