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Alliant FCU Preapproved CC Offer

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Re: Alliant FCU Preapproved CC Offer


I too am interested in the possibility of using the card for overdraft protection.


When the card showed up online today, I tried an internal transfer from card to checking.  This works at another credit union i belong to and which will use the card for overdrafts, but it did not work at Alliant.  The card simply didn't show as a source.


This is not a dispositive DP,  though.  Some possibilities: 

Might have to request that link to be made (pretty sure I did @ my other CU, but it was a decade ago)

Might have to receive & activate card first (seems likely)

Even though card shows, it may actually not be fully finalized behind the scenes

Others I can't think of...


In this case (barring responses by anyone who knows), we're reduced to asking a CSR.


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