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Alliant online statements

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Alliant online statements

I can;t seem to find a way to look at my statement online. Is this an option with Alliant ? this is my first statement and I need to submit forms to my job for reimburement from a business trip. Do they send an email when statement is ready ? I can see a 7/6/2009 due date but not the statement or payment required.
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Re: Alliant online statements

Are you talking about the credit card statement? I had to search for that one, too.


You click on "Account info", then on "credit cards" in the left menu. This pops up the credit card page with the recent activity, which is probably empty now.


Now look into the top black field. On the right hand side, you see several menu options. One is "card history". If you click on that, you will see your statement.

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