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Almost there...

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Re: Almost there...




Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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Re: Almost there...

Chaney34 wrote:

Thank you. I've been working on cleaning up my and my wife's credit for 2 years now, and I'd like to know where we stand before applying for a home loan. (I like crunching the numbers ahead of time). However, I can't seem to find a place that'll give me all three credit scores (fake as they may be). Any suggestions? Should I just apply and see?

Off topic for the thread, but I've read alot of home lenders use TU04 since it is tougher on the borrower. you can see where i got my scores by looking at my sig and from my previous post. if you need more specifics, PM me and ill answer what i can.

DCU ( pulled 3/29/13) EQ04 683 | Amex (pulled 3/28/13) EX 760 | US Bank (pulled 3/28/13) EX 753
CreditKarma (4/19/13) TU-TR 701 | TU Vantage 788 | USAA FAKO (3/31/13) EX 728, EQ 699, TU 737 |
Inquiries (4/18/13) EX 13 | EQ 13 | TU 14
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