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Am i Denied????

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Am i Denied????

I applied for NFCU and received the dreaded will receive decision in  7-10 days. does that mean im denied?


If i will be denied its my fault i cant stop apping and pushing my luck. i app'ed for chase freedom (5k), amex blue sky (5k), discover it (8k), walmart discover (5k), home depot (1001k) and asked for cli in my boa from 5500k and was approved 11k. All probably are HPs. 


My fico equifax is 717

Walmart credit report 725


I dont know how many HPs i have per credit bureau. 


My AAoA probably around 1+ yr


thanks for all the replies.. promise!! I wont app anymore till its time to ask for cli in my cards. 

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Re: Am i Denied????

Probably not, they might want additional information. Give them a call.
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Re: Am i Denied????

@09Lexie wrote:
Probably not, they might want additional information. Give them a call.



Call.  Don't be afraid to just Call them.  lalalalala


NFCU is very forgiving and very flexible.  They prolly just want verification of some sort. 


Good luck

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Re: Am i Denied????

Good luck, and respond back!

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Re: Am i Denied????

Do you guys know the back number to call?
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