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AmEx closed my acct, how can I mitigate the damage?

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Re: AmEx closed my acct, how can I mitigate the damage?

I'm so sorry this didn't work out for you. I was keeping my fingers crossed.

Good luck to you.

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Re: AmEx closed my acct, how can I mitigate the damage?

CrimsonSky wrote:

I have an update. Those of you who were skeptical of the "kind" customer service rep were right on the money. She turned out to be full of hot air.

She promised to call me back after I faxed my vantage score and CR. She didn't. Then I called to speak to her and they wouldn't put me through to her and the lady I did speak with was RUDE and testy with me. Repeating the ridiculous mantra that there were items on my CR that showed delinquincies blah, blah, blah. So I paid those idiots off and I'm done with them.

I'm just so furious that AmEx messed my credit up for no good reason. I'll never do business with those hooligans ever again.


Oh gosh I hate to be right on this one.  I just have so much angst for Amex and even if one lil person was trying to be good to you, I doubted you'd ever get anywhere with her.  I had something similar come around after a nasty-gram I wrote to Juniper got to a CSR that had a "heart". He made a few promises of things he'd do and gave me his name.  It didn't dawn on me to get his #, and when I called back I never did get to him again. I felt scammed but oh well - that's the bizz I guess.


Have you tried USBank?  I have been balanced chased by Amex for almost 2.5 years total and thought nobody would give me a big CL because I thought they'd see how maxed out I look on the ole Amex, and USBank saved the day with a platinum 10K line.  To me that tells me they know about the amex chasing or they would have looked and thought I had maxed my card.  Maybe worth a shot?


We gave up the fight and filed BK in 2010. Smiley Sad
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