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AmEx question...

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AmEx question...

I applied online for an AmEx Zync card. The 60-second credit approval said I was denied, but it said "However you are approved for.." and it had the zync card with a low limit and a required monthly draft of the entire balance, which I am fine with. I clicked accept and it said my app was being sent for further review. An hour later it came back as denied.


I checked the post that has the backdoor numbers and the two for AmEx don't apply to me. I am annoyed because it denied me the Zync but said I was "approved" for this other one, only to turn around and be denied.


Is there a backdoor number I can call and ask for a reconsideration? I just want to get my foot in the door so I can have a year of on-time payments and then ask for something better. Any help is appreciated...

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Re: AmEx question...

Call the "New Accounts" dept......




They can pull up your app and send it to another dept for further review.


Best of Luck!

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