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Amazon Accounts - Payments

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Amazon Accounts - Payments

I just noticed something about my Amazon store card.  The normal account, not the Visa.  I made two payments this month, one was prior to my payment date by a two weeks, and then I made another payment last week.  Normally, most creditor's would apply that second payment to the next month, but Amazon didn't.  LOL!  My billing cycle closed yesterday and they have a min. due $25 by Nov.8th.   


Just made me laugh because when I make more than one payment all my other creditor's, always applied one of those payements to the next month, so I techncially it's like paying it in advance. I just did this exact same thing with Chase and I have no payment due for November since I paid twice this month. 

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Re: Amazon Accounts - Payments

Um.  If you say so.  I have lots and lots of credit cards, and while they'll all accept more than one payment, there is still a payment due every 30 days...


Be careful.

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Re: Amazon Accounts - Payments

Right....I've made 2 payments in one billing cycle and I still have a payment due the next billing due date.....unless I make two payments in one month but in two separate cycles, then I don't have a payment due the next cycle

So yeah, Amazon is correct. You made two payments In one cycle

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Re: Amazon Accounts - Payments

I have a couple of BT balances sitting, and I often pay a couple of times each month...but I will still have a new payment due each month.

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Re: Amazon Accounts - Payments

Hmmm no  biggie guys.  I always make a payment regardless of whether I have a payment due or not unless I have a zero balance of course. But it's been my experience that if I've made more than one payment within my billing cycle - maybe that's the key the next month, it's says' min. due 0 which is the case for me now with Chase and a few other of my accounts.  But if that is not your experience no biggie...just sharing mine!Smiley Happy  

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