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Amazon Auto Upgraded Me To Prime Card?!?

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Amazon Auto Upgraded Me To Prime Card?!?

Well, I opened the mail today and was greeted with a envelope from Chase. My heart sank because ive been expecting some AA with 13 accounts opened in the last 6 months lol, to my suprise it was an Amazon Prime Card I was confused for about two minutes trying to think this through knowing I didnt apply for it and all my reports are frozen so I knew it wasnt theft. Looked at the card number and it matched the one I already hold so then it hit me I signed up for a Prime Trial for one month with Amazon somehow Amazon must have relayed the messsage that im a "Prime Member" and Chase sent me the metal "Amazon Prime" card with my new agreements and notices as well as my new percentages for my new categories. Pretty cool Ill take it. I have since cancelled my trial as it ends in a few days and wont be renewing but I googled what happens when youre a prime member then default to a regular member and everyone says your card still acts as if you have the Prime benefits. This may be a known thing around here but I havent seen any posts about it and I think its pretty cool. Easy workaround if you want the Prime card benefits but dont want that $119 AF!

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Re: Amazon Auto Upgraded Me To Prime Card?!?

I work in printing, and I must say that I LOVE THE METAL CARDS!!!!! 


It makes you feel more important, and they are more durable, and last longer. My father has one, and he loves the card, and the benefits that it offers. I do not shop Amazon enough to personally say I need a card like this. 

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Re: Amazon Auto Upgraded Me To Prime Card?!?

It’s a nice card for sure, but according to the terms, when you are no longer a Prime member, you will no longer receive the 5%. It seems like Amazon would be smart enough not to send out a Prime Card for someone who is just doing the free trial, but evidently they thought you were in it for the long haul lol 


Anyway, that would be an awesome loophole but I know that when I had that card and I dropped Prime, I lost the benefits and went down to the standard 3% even though I still had the physical card that said “prime.”

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Re: Amazon Auto Upgraded Me To Prime Card?!?

3% is a pretty good returns rate on a card. I might have to consider it because its metal, and it has a great return reward rate.

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Re: Amazon Auto Upgraded Me To Prime Card?!?

+1 @pinkandgrey

Thats my understanding as well. Prime is for those who actually pay the prime fee, Sync or Chase . Lol i still have my Chase metal card that i probably canceled a tad earlySmiley Wink
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