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Amazon Prime video channel cards?

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Amazon Prime video channel cards?

There's not enough money involved for me to get a new card, but do any of my existing cards recognize video channels purchased through Amazon Prime as a bonus category?


I'm talking about Acorn, HBO, etc.


Amex: Schwab Platinum, Delta Platinum, BCP, ED, Bonvoy Brilliant, BBP

Barclays: No AF Arrival, Aviator Red

Capital One: Savor

Chase: CSR, CFU, Freedom, Hyatt $75, IHG $49

Citi: Costco, DC

Discover: 5% It


Apparently these channels code differently than if they were purchased directly from the provider. Savor only gave 1% and I've heard it's a similar situation with BCP.


However, I also have these set up on DM's television and don't want to have a lot of different TV apps to complicate things for her.

CSR, CFU, BBP, CF, Discover, Costco, ED, Arrival, Schwab Platinum, IHG49, Hyatt75, Brilliant, Delta Platinum, Savor, BCP, Double Cash
May add 100k Platinum for a year then PC to Gold. May add BofA Premium. May add Virgin Atlantic. Likely to downgrade Savor, CSR, BCP.
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Re: Amazon Prime video channel cards?

I think the amazon channels are part of the 6% streaming category on BCP. Amazon video is one of the listed providers. I haven't tested it yet, but I probably will in the next few weeks.

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