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Amazon and Discover Shopping - NICE!

Epic Contributor

Amazon and Discover Shopping - NICE!

I'm sure I'm behind on this one but I was online shopping at Amazon and pre-ordered a Speck Case for my iPhone 5 which I was a little behind on also and won't get until first week of Octobrer Smiley Sad but anyway, I clicked to check out and get to payments and select Discover and next screen says USE MAX REWARDS? and I see reward balance and what amount of that would apply towards the purchase (I guess howing the even amount?

Anyway barely any in it but I don't believe bonus if you leave like Chase use/or still is when Feedom hits $250 and the $50 bonus so I used the reward!


I love it though when things are just that easy and just click to save or click to use... similar to checking out with ebay bucks.

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