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Amazon denial - Chase - backdoor?

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Amazon denial - Chase - backdoor?

So probably a bad idea but I find I've been using Amazon a lot and hit the button to apply while checking out.  I see others mention GE for Amazon but Chase is the card issuer.  They didn't have the usual bankruptcy language they have on their travel products, so I took a shot and was denied for BK.  My BK was in 2009, EQ FICO is 695 (Scorewatch), and I didn't discharge any Chase debt.


I'm wondering if it's worth trying for recon, and whether anyone would be so kind as to PM me a current backdoor number.  Thanks...

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Re: Amazon denial - Chase - backdoor?

GE backs the store version and Chase backs the Visa. It appears you applied for the Visa. Since you already took the hit for the HP, you might as well call.

Good luck
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Re: Amazon denial - Chase - backdoor?

Back door number is listed in the "backdoor sticky" thread on the front page.

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Re: Amazon denial - Chase - backdoor?

Chase is good with recons.
And whatever you do, don't say you want the card for the bonus. Lol
Good luck:-)
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Re: Amazon denial - Chase - backdoor?

Can't hurt to call, but my experience is different than the other poster. I reconed a $3k Chase Freedom for higher CL and they wouldn't budge. I also tried to recon a $5k Slate for higher CL and they wouldn't budge. My experience is that they give you (or don't give you) what you qualify for. Period. IME, they are a more conservative lender and even though you didn't see the BK language, that's probably their policy.


I'd definitely give it a shot since you took the HP, but don't feel bad if you don't get it. They're not my favorite lender, for sure! Smiley Happy


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Re: Amazon denial - Chase - backdoor?

I was initially declined for a Chase Freedom with a BK from 2005.  I reconned, stated my case and was approved for 5k.  My scores are 700 +/- 15.

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Re: Amazon denial - Chase - backdoor?

Got my Chase Freedom on recon.  I think it's been said a number of times around here, but it really depends on who you talk to when you call.  The girl I got on my last recon sounded younger and was really nice and I think she kind of went to bat for me.  She put me on hold for probably 5 min, came back on the line and apologized and said she was making a lot of notes- then approved.  I had reconned a few months earlier and got an older lady that pretty much scoffed at me and said no way, lol.  They'll just ask you about your BK if that was the reason for the denial, so make sure you have your speech all worked out.

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