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I spend a lot on Amazon.  Who does Synchrony ( store card ) or Chase ( Amazon Viisa ) pull from ?  I have a spotty relationship with both. 

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Re: Amazon

Synchrony typically pulls TU it seems and I usually see people say Chase double pulls on EX and EQ. I can’t say for sure that this holds for these particular cards but those are the correlations usually discussed about those banks.

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Re: Amazon

Synch usually pulls TU, but will also SP EX, especially with borderline profiles 

Chase can pull any CRA, or any combination of the two. 




Weird your thread ended up here, seeing how you're only interested in where the HP may land 🤷

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Re: Amazon

Can I just say that I have 'good' credit and I got denied for the Chase backed Amazon card but Synchrony gave me a 900 limit on their store card. just here to gripe as you were.
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Re: Amazon

Chase pulled EX/EQ 835/822 for a 10K CL 6/2017

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Re: Amazon

Just want to throw out another option...


American Express Amazon Prime Business card.  If you have an account with Amex already it is a SP, shows up on business credit report so doesn't effect personal credit report in any way (has pro's and con's), $125 Amazon giftcard SUB.  Has both options of 5% off or 0% financing.  Sometimes they throw some wierd stuff at you like $100 for $3k spend in 3 months (3.3% cashback) and they always have Amex offers which are hit/miss lately.  No AF or FTF.  You can read around yourself and determine whether you want to open a business card with Amex (you don't technically need to have a business in order to apply...).

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