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American Dream Mastercard

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American Dream Mastercard

Does anyone have the American Dream mastercard from HSBC?


I may be wrong, but I've always thought of HSBC as subprime so I'm afraid to apply for it and have that on my credit report. The chance to win a cash prize monthly does sound interesting though.

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Re: American Dream Mastercard

Just their website is confusing & busy enough to deter me from wanting to deal with that a misplaced perception?

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Re: American Dream Mastercard

This is another of hsbc subprime card offerings, the fact that, for most, there is statistically a significantly better chance of getting struck by lightening than winning the prize (that card holders' are supposedly entered to win with each purchase) may not deter peeps from applying for this lack luster card offering (and in my case, being denied before realizing it's basically a pretty, shiny new dud.)


I like the appearance of the card but ultimately it was a good thing I was denied IMO since I didn't research it thoroughly until after app...that was bad pre-Forum behaviour.


The card is targeted and often panned in the mainstream press FWIW. 

If you aren't subprime (I wasn't) it is especially not a good pick, since they are apparently targeting subprime customers with this product. 

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Re: American Dream Mastercard

Thanks for the heads up. Smiley Very Happy
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