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American Express Application Status "In Progress".

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Re: American Express Application Status "In Progress".

flyingmd wrote:

I believe that AMEX wont deny you just because it is a new business. As a matter of fact, i have received many pre offers for the 2 new business I opened earlier this year by Amex so my guess is that they are looking for new businesses to grow with. Approval is going to depend on your personal credit report. If its a new business (and I would be upfront and candid when you call in about this), my guess is they will want to see either the articles of incorporation (if a corp or LLC for instance), or a bank statement in the business name. Something that shows them it is indeed a legitimate business. That has been my impression in the 30 years I have been with them, not necessarily fact. If anyone has a different opinion or experience with them (AMEX), I would love to hear it.

This is correct. She applied today and was approved instantly. Her personal scores are good and no inq's, and I think that is all that really counted. Thanks to everyone for the advice!!

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Re: American Express Application Status "In Progress".

I think it's a variety of factors. I applied today after having applied 4 other times for a personal account and just got approved with 12 recent inquires and a fairly low credit score due to all the new accounts. Other than that my credit history is clear. My score was 658 EQ when the approved me.

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