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American Express Black

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Re: American Express Black

It is made of metal it was shocking when i held it

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Re: American Express Black

It's funny because where I work DO NOT accept AMEX, so when the rich dudes slapped out their AMEX Centurion, I had to apologize and ask if they have either VISA/MASTERCARD. It's funny because they would look at me all weird then they  would bring out like an ordinary Chase freedom or Discover More ect.


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Re: American Express Black

I can confirm that they are made of some sort of metal. I have seen one ever and it is very heavy for a credit card. Fortunantly I knew what it was, so I tried not to be surprised when I handled it.

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Re: American Express Black

My last job before I moved was a small business and my boss's where a jusband and wife and where pretty well off. They had them and would whenever I had to go buy something they would send me with it. It is made out of some fancy metal and if was a real thrill to use it. You get some good looks! I miss those days but Im super happy with my zync. People like the zync but not like the black card.

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Re: American Express Black

My old boss has one and I used it often, and can conferm that it is metal; Actually stainless steel and titanium, He lost it once in the river 500 dollars and 24 hrs and it was replaced with a new one that cam in a box like it was  Crazy

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