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American Express approval process

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Re: American Express approval process

haulingthescoreup wrote:

txjohn wrote:
I guess I missed the link amd didn't see it before removed.  But just so I am clear, how does a review or information on a credit card product (AMEX Plat) violate the Credit Repair guidelines?

I thought the Credit Card threads were exactly for discussing the ins and outs, benefits, features, costs and perks of any particular credit offering.  I'm confused how it relates to "repair" guidelines.


I'm not sure if LilMirth has seen this, so I'll jump in.

It wasn't the article; it was the site on which it was posted. While we try to allow links to other sites, if the sites feature credit repair advice that isn't allowed here, especially if it's on their home page, we generally have to edit out the link.

It gets frustrating for us, too, because there are some good references lost this way, but that's what happens when a forum is sponsored by a corporate entity, as opposed to those run from basements and whatnot. They're the ones who pay to keep the forums going, so we try to not freak them out any more than we already do.

When this sort of thing happens, you can always try pm'ing the member, asking for the link.

Again, one of the more dreary traffic-cop functions of moderators. Smiley Happy

Sorry txjohn, I didn't see your question until just now. But, it looks like Hauling has already answered, so I'll just give a sheepish, "What she said!" LOL! Smiley Happy


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