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Amex 3xcli with balance?

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Re: Amex 3xcli with balance?

My situation was a little different. I had a Simply Cash up to the limit until the zero interest ran out this January. I applied for Platinum and was declined due to something about payments not  being enough on American Express accounts; I was only paying the minimum payment each month. Once the promotional interest ran out and I paid it off, I was approved for the Delta and Premier Rewards Gold card.


As long as you are making large payments, you shouldn't have a problem. I reckon any lender would be hesitant to grant more credit to someone when they haven't paid back what they have borrowed yet.

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Re: Amex 3xcli with balance?

That's the denial Im scared of!!!

I wonder what their ideal % of total bal per month is required to not get declined for that? Lol
I literally just paid $800 today. I plan to pay at least that much in mid April and mid May. I was pif, but then made a big charge for something personal lol to take advantage of the 0%. Eh, at the end of the day.. I still have a $10,500 cl Amex BCE. Never thought I'd even get that far. And if I get denied come
June 3rd, I'll just keep paying new charges in full and working that balance down to def be pif by the expiration date (10/13/13) LOL!
Thanks guys :-)
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