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Amex 6 month CLI: DENIED

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Amex 6 month CLI: DENIED

Today I applied for a 6 month CLI on my BCP, hoping to go from $14,900 to $21,500. MISTAKE! I got the 7-10 day notice, called, and was told that they wanted financial verification. Boo! I'm going to be away off and on for the next several months and won't have time to send the forms in--nor do I really have the inclination--so I told them to cancel it. I asked the rep if I were to ask for a smaller amount would that also require verification, she said that "the system" can't be predicted. I'm thinking that $21,500 + $14,500 on my Delta took it over the $35,000 threshold. What do you guys think? I'm going to sit tight in any case and ask for a CLI increase on my Chase cards once my 4 inqs drop off in August...


ETA: oops I'm posting this from an old account, this is Severine xo

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