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Amex APR Decrease Offer

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Re: Amex APR Decrease Offer

gurusexy wrote:

Anyone else got this offer via snail mail or email? never happened to me before



I got the offer by email yesterday for my SPG.  9.99% then back to 16.24% after 12 months.  As Bone35 mentioned, having a promo APR does impede your ability to get permanent APR reductions.  Amex doesn't seem to do the whole "permanent APR reduction below the lowest published rate" thing, so it's a non-issue for some.  I currently have a 1% off promo on my Blue card (with the Prime Rate increases that's somewhere in the 14s), I think an 11.99% Pay Over Time promo on my Platinum card, an offer for Pay Over Time promo on my PRG (that I can't accept because I have the promo on my Platinum), and now this one for SPG.  Not exactly APRs I'd want to carry balances on anywhere, but it's nice of them to offer and life does happen.

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Re: Amex APR Decrease Offer

donny10 wrote:
AMEX doesn't like people carrying balances and here they go encouraging it.

I'm not sure what they want. I would never carry a balance on my AMEX cards.

That is a myth. Some people have reported AA for maxing out their cards and leaving them that from month to month, but I've never seen anyone get AA taken against them for carrying a reasonable balance. Why would they offer a credit card (and not just a charge card) otherwise? Even their charge cards let you carry balances now if you're using the Pay Over Time feature. 

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