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Amex APR reductions are alive again...

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Re: Amex APR reductions are alive again...

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No go for me.......Smiley Frustrated

What's your current APR?  Maybe it's already at the lowest possible?


Does anyone know the lowest APR possible on an Amex revolver?



My current APR is 18.99% so there is certainly room for them to drop it.  I've had the card for years and didn't really follow my scores like I do today so I have no idea what my EX 8 was when I applied.  Currently my EX 8 from their last SP is 818.

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Re: Amex APR reductions are alive again...

I have the Blue Cash Everyday and EveryDay cards. The 0% APR promotional period ended on both this month.


I messaged in online and no permanent APR reductions were avaialabe but I was able to get a 12 month promotional APR reduction on the EveryDay card. Amex recuced the APR from 18.99% to 10.99%.


My spending on the Blue Cash card is only for gas these days, so it sees very modest use - perhaps $50 a month or so. That may have somthing to do with the lack of an available offer. I used to use it for groceries and cigarettes but I have the Amex Gold card so I use that now for groceries and I quit smoking so no cigarette purchases LOL. I expect that once my Gold card annual fee comes up I will not renew unless I get a retention offer. Then I'll be putting the BCE to a lot more use again.

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Re: Amex APR reductions are alive again...

Thanks for sharing CC.....I only have 2 revolvers so they shouldn’t get to annoyed with me 😁

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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