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Amex AU Question

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Re: Amex AU Question

lovinmyfico wrote:

Can anyone tell me if  having my sister add me as au on her amex of over 25 years help my aaoa as well as obtain an amex of my own in about 6 months? 


My aaoa is about 3.5 now, but when my last closed account drops off next year it will go down to about 2 years.  I really want an Amex but my scores are still a bit shy of 700 with two paid collections of about 4 years ago and I am not risking the denial.  The paid collections will fall off next year and that is when I plan to apply for the amex.  Should I just not do anything at this time or ask that she add me to as an au to help with the aaoa?


Yep, it'll help if it reports. Definitely.


If you don't do it, your AAoA wouldn't drop to two-years, though. It'll stay at three when that TL drops. By next year you would have hit 4 and then it'll drop to 3 when that TL drops so you'll be in the same boat you are now, minus a dropped TL.

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Re: Amex AU Question

TY for your reply. 


I would prefer to do this on my own and the reason why I haven't asked her yet, but I am weighing my options and it seems that if does report, I would benefit greatly from her excellent credit and pay history. 


My goal was to wait til next year and apply when my paid collections have fallen off and my scores would be in the700's (hoping) but I'm afraid that the short aaoa would hurt my chances. 





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