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Amex Amazon Business Prime against 5/24?

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Amex Amazon Business Prime against 5/24?

I've read online that business cards don't count against Chase's 5/24 since they don't report to your personal CR. But can anyone confirm?

Does the Amex Amazon Business Prime not report to your personal CR? In the application it asks for your SSN when applying via sole proprietor. I still have two Chase cards that i can utilize and i'd like to get over the next 6 months, and i'm at 3/24. 

Worst case, i'll wait to apply until after i've gone after the other two Chase cards, but i'm impatient and would like to grab this Amex before the holidays.


Originally i was thinking of waiting until i'm back under 5/24 to get the Chase Prime card, but this Amex Business card gives the samer perks without adding another Chase card, so I like that a lot.

Doing the math, what i spend on Amazon i could easily pay for my prime membership, and then some, with the 5% back, so that makes a Prime card perfect for me.


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Re: Amex Amazon Business Prime against 5/24?

AmEx business cards do not report to personal CRs (unless delinquent of course). So, as far as Chase's 5/24 restriction, you should be ok.
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