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Amex BCE 3x CLI - When is the SP?

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Amex BCE 3x CLI - When is the SP?

I opened my amex with 2k limit in January. My 61st day will be 3/13/2017. My fico EX score at the time of approval was 663. Amex provides my EX score every 25th of the month so as of 2/25 my score increased to 668. However, as of today, while checking CCT, my score went up again to 670.


With my 61st day coming up, will Amex be pulling the 668 score from 2/25 or my score as of that day? I obviously prefer the higher score of 670 but not sure if would even be known to amex at the time of my increase request. Would the 2 point difference even matter?


The reason I bring it up is because of Amex's range when you view your score:


580 - 669 = Not Good

670 - 739 = Good


I've now moved up to the "Good" range according to Amex's range. On top of this, amex hasn't reported to EX yet, so I'm hopeful my score may increase again relatively soon. So should I go for it on the 61st day, or is there any benefit to waiting?


Thanks in advance for any insight!

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Re: Amex BCE 3x CLI - When is the SP?

They will use the last SP they have on you, not a fresh SP.
Scores as of5/20/16: EQ 800;TU 769; EX 793
Last CC app: 3/18
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Re: Amex BCE 3x CLI - When is the SP?

Ok so would that be the Feb. 25th score update that Amex has on my account?

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Re: Amex BCE 3x CLI - When is the SP?

It's totally up to you when you hit the button.  Amex looks at more than just your scores when they make a decision.  IF you think your score might put you into a different bracket for consideration then wait.  Amex is more concerned with whether your debt has gone up since opening the account, your use of Amex, payments made to them, etc.  We're the exception to the rule around here if you haven't figured that out.  Your average customer isn't going to think about doing a CLI wihtin 2 months of opening the account.  

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