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Amex BCE Decision...

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Re: Amex BCE Decision...

toful wrote:

Thanks again guys!! I am so excited to get it in the mail and to start using it!


Yes, this is my first AMEX. I'm excited to join the family! It's funny you say Chase and American Express are fighting for customers. When they verified my address, I had them call Chase for my checking account. That was one awkward conversation haha. I hope Chase doesn't flag me for anything. You think? I'll continue to use it for things that aren't gas or groceries because the 10 bonus points and 10% bonus is too much to pass up. I think 2012 is a sweet number. Will it say 2012 or '12? Either wayl awesome! 


I hope to get that 12K in 61 days Smiley Happy

If it just says '12 maybe people will think you've been an amex member since 1912 Smiley Tongue


Talk about epic backdating Smiley Very Happy 

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