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Amex BCE to BCP!

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Amex BCE to BCP!

I finally got my Amex BCE upgraded to BCP! I had the offer about 3 years ago but at the time, it didn't fit into my spend. Last year, I'd calculated it'd be worth it for me but the offer had been long gone. I had been told by CSR that I should use the card more in order to get offers. I did this and only got the offer that was a 1:1 upgrade with no bonus. I would not accept that!


One day a few months back, the offer for $150 cash back after $1000 spend (AF waived for one year) had appeared on the website (not on mobile or anywhere else). I was at work so I didn't proceed right away. Once again, the offer was gone by the end of the night. Others here reported similar situations of offers only appearing one time. I called CSR and told them I got as far as the apply page but that the offer went missing. They said they'd escalate and it could take a couple of months. 

Anywho, I finally got the offer via email and this time went through with the upgrade. Needless to say, I'm quite happy I got this offer. Especially with the AF waived because money is a little tight and I can hit the spend pretty easily with an upcoming vacation I'm planning.

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Re: Amex BCE to BCP!

Congratulations on your product upgrade!
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Re: Amex BCE to BCP!

Grats on the BCP upgrade!

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Re: Amex BCE to BCP!

Congrats on going through with the upgrade!


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Re: Amex BCE to BCP!



Your post prompted me to check my account and they're offering me an upgrade too... Tempting with the waived AF but I just downgraded my BCP in September so I'm surprised to have an offer so soon?

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Re: Amex BCE to BCP!

Congratulations on your Amex BCP upgrade with bonus!

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Re: Amex BCE to BCP!

Congrats on upgrade! 🥳

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Re: Amex BCE to BCP!



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Re: Amex BCE to BCP!

They made you sweat it out huh? Lol

I'm glad to hear it finally worked out for you. Congratulations 

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Re: Amex BCE to BCP!

Congrats on the upgrade!

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