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Amex BCP AF Credit

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Re: Amex BCP AF Credit

FutureBillionaire wrote:

ricefed wrote:
I have the Zync card and planned on apping the bcp next month. Is the first year waved for new card members only? If do ill app bce.

I'm honestly not sure.  I would get the BCP regardless if I were you.

It sounds like that they had to reverse the fee for some because of an error in a letter.  I doubt that that they plan to waive the fee at all.  Otherwise, everyone would get BCP and then downgrade to BCE after a year if needed.

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Re: Amex BCP AF Credit

bs6054 wrote:

AmbitiousOutsider wrote:

No credit on my BCP account.  Smiley Mad  I apped during the last week of Sept.


Maybe because I've already received a couple hundred dollars worth of credits from various promos and sync offers.

Or much more likely it was after the cutoff date of 9/25.  Sounds like sending out the wrong version of a letter between certain dates creates a legal obligation to refund the fee.  I'm guessing people will (or already have) get a new letter establishing the correct AF when their cards renew.  But certainly a nice rebate for those that got it (not me, I got it in Feb...) Did these apps come with the $150 offer?

Just checked and I apped on 9/25.  I do see that $150 has been thrown in with my "Reward Dollars" (aka cashback).  That must be my $150 app bonus. Smiley Happy

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Re: Amex BCP AF Credit

nada9188 wrote:
If you opened the card between 8/12-9/25/12 they sent out the wrong letter and are crediting those back. Is that when you guys applied?

I PCed from BCE to BCP in that date range. Maybe that's why I got the credit!

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