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Amex BCP BCE carriers, online grocery?

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Re: Amex BCP BCE carriers, online grocery?

For target, you can get the debit card/checking account version of the red card that doesn't require taking a HP. It still gets you 5% off of everything. Target offers Shipt for online groceries but I haven't used it as of yet cause I have been lucky enough to get time slots on Amazon Fresh. 


For other grocery food options, I would just search online for promo codes. I got $10 off an order on Amazon Fresh once. Ive seen deals for Instacart and a few others. Misfits market is a good one for produce delivery and there's usually a code for 25% off your first order floating around. There's also the cashback monitor website where you can plug in the grocery delivery services to see if any sites offer cash back. I just got 10% off Doordash last month thru BoA. 

I feel the same way about maximizing my cash back rewards but when you do the math, sometimes it's not worth the extra effort just to get $2 back. That's why I use coupons and other stuff to maximize my grocery savings for the most part. Yet still found myself paying $5 for eggs the other day (coronavirus markups!! 😠)..but I got that 6% back from BCP so that softened the blow a tiny bit. Anyways, good luck! 

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Re: Amex BCP BCE carriers, online grocery?

@wasCB14 wrote:

I earn 6% with BCP at Instacart for delivieries to a relative.

Sweet!  I assume that Amex Gold will earn 4x MR as grocery for Instacart as well.  Does anyone have experience?


Also, I think BOA Cash Reserve set to Online Shopping will earn the max for Instacart as opposed to the grocery rate.  Will report.

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Re: Amex BCP BCE carriers, online grocery?, ButcherBox, Wild Alaskan, Polyface Yum, and Misfits Market all code as supermarkets.

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