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Amex BCP vs BCE rewards

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Re: Amex BCP vs BCE rewards

This is plenty helpful thanks UncleB! And thanks to everyone else. I think this was one of the best posts I’ve put up on the forum.

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Re: Amex BCP vs BCE rewards

@Kenny wrote:
It's worth waiting until you get an email with an incentive to upgrade, however if it makes sense to your budget, then go right ahead. I just love having an "upgrade and receive $XX-XXX dollars" for doing so. Smiley Happy

Yesss.  This falls under a something I never have an issue partaking of, called "having your cake and eating it too." Smiley LOL


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Re: Amex BCP vs BCE rewards

Timely post. I'm currently trying to make the decision on whether to keep BCP or pc to BCE before the AF this month. I've been with using my Rose Gold card to rack up 4x points on up to $25k supermarkets and using the same for gas with my goal being free travel. Honestly, the 4x hype made me forget about 6% (on up to $6k).  Anyone want to share your thoughts on how you think BCP cashback compares to MR.


Also,  thanks for the heads up on Walmart pickup coding as groceries.

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