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Amex Blue APRs

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Re: Amex Blue APRs

plasticguy wrote:
My annual HHI is 185K

So your reported CLs are about 191% of your HHI.  Interesting.
Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Amex Blue APRs

I have 85K not reported to Agencies. 25K of it is Chase Pro which is hidden all together
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Re: Amex Blue APRs

Wow...and here I thougth I have a ton of available credit. Amazing!
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Re: Amex Blue APRs

Wait, somebody said something about a fixed rate on their Blue? Can we hear more about that?

My Blue is at prime plus 1.99% So that's currently 6.99% total. I was told that all APRs are variable and that they'll go down as low as prime plus 0.99% but I haven't bothered to ask.

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Re: Amex Blue APRs

Congratz on the credit limit development, plasticguy. Obviously, having the income and assets does the trick and is a no-brainer, but I do have two questions for you. How long did you have to build the history to drive the limits up that high, and do you think it was more important to maintain low utillization (say 1-9%) or to maintain a no late payment (at all) history?


As for the Amex Blue, they gave me a starting limit of $1000 and purchase APR of 8.99% variable (best marketed APR but probably lowest limit they offer at this time). I blame the onging near-recession by definition (true recession in my mind) and a score of 725 (11 year history, ~15% utilization, no baddies of any kind ever, credit mix of mortgage, HELOC, credit cards, auto, and student loans), but it does make me wonder if any Amex card is really worth getting. Three other cards (Chase Freedom World MC, $17,500; Capital One NoHassle Miles Visa Signature, $5000; and a Chase Platinum MC, $13,500) are accepted more worldwide, give better rewards, are credit cards versus charge, and all carry no annual fee - unlike any of the higher end Amex cards. I have to admit it would be cool to see the Chase Freedom jump to the World Elite level but only if the annual fee is still $0 (about as likely as McCain was to win the election) Smiley Tongue.

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Re: Amex Blue APRs

Blue at 7% would be a good step regardless, but nope, I've not heard of any Blue fixed rate yet. They gave me the variable 9% (8.99) and a $1k limit when I applied using one of their pre-approval offers. I can't complain too much about the rate, but the limit on the other hand - well, the card should make a lovely Xmas tree ornament Robot tongue. Maybe after the recession ends I'll consider doing business with them.
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