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Amex Blue Card

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Re: Amex Blue Card

Hi, Thanks everyone for the input. I went ahead and pulled a new equifax report and lo behold Amex is on the report. I thought I would get a big increase for a card that' was backdated with a open date of  89,but I guess since I opened a citi credit card  at the same time maybe it offset the increase. My equifax score did increase last week from 674 to 681 but it said that one negative factor was not hurting me as much as before and they stated it was my inquires. I have 6 total inquires on equifax and 3 just turn a year old and 1 is almost 2 years and 2 is from 3 months ago. I thought that was a big increase for just inquires. I was looking at my blue card I don't see member since date. Does all Amex card have one? Where is it located on the blue card?

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Re: Amex Blue Card

I just received a Blue Cash card and there is no "member since" information on the card.  I confirmed with AMEX that they will reflect a "date opened" consistent with my oldest AMEX account (1989).  I've read the the month part of the date opened will be when the card was actually approved, so I should see 08/1989. 

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